Brand & Ambassador

Brand Collaboration

We would like to blend the virtual reality and the physical world by inviting conventional brands to collaborate with us in this journey into the future. Since we are a FitnessFi and SocialFi application, we are focusing on finding partners in Sports, Healthy Lifestyles and especially Footwear fields.

NFT shoes have been around for a while, but only reached its peak since the appearance of the Move2Earn trend. Besides our original NFT shoes, we would like to help boost the process of digitization of these conventional footwear brands, providing them the chance to be exposed to a brand new audience segment as well as new business opportunities.

We believe that the collaboration between traditional brands and beFITTER would strengthen the position of both parties in the market and result in great success.

Brand Ambassador and Brand Representative

Brand Ambassador

We are looking for two Brand Ambassadors who can help us in representing as well as spreading the brand to the public. Becoming our Brand Ambassador, besides worthy benefits, the ambassadors would have a chance to share their stories, become an inspiration to the youth as well as help raise awareness about equality and sport spirit.

With the purpose of promoting equality among athletes, we would like to invite an athlete and a para-athlete to be our ambassadors with equal benefits and compensations. We believe that sports spirit is about inclusion and equality and all stories are worth listening to. Even though the para-athletes’ effort is outstanding and beyond the imagination of many, they are not recognized and appreciated as much as they deserve. Therefore, by inviting both an athlete and a para-athlete to represent our brand, we hope to contribute to fighting against the inequality situation that still exists among these two groups.

Brand Representative

Besides two Brand Ambassadors, we would like to invite athletes, para-athletes, and health influencers to become our Brand Representatives as well. Our vision is to build a sustainable community where people can share their experiences and learn from each other in order to strengthen good habits and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Therefore, we need the help from our Brand Representatives to spread awareness and to share their experiences and lessons that they learn from training times as well as professional knowledge to our users.

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