Energy System

Energy Cap

(Amendment on August 19, 2022) Amendments are announced in advance to notify users about changes. Changes will be applied in the Update App Version after the amendment is announced.

Energy Cap of an account depends on the number of NFTs and the rarity of the NFTs that account owns. The more NFTs an account has, the larger bonus energy is. But please consider that the Energy cap still has its limit, with 45 energies in total.

The total amount of energy is calculated based on table as follows:

Shoes No. Standard Rare Iconic













The calculation logic of energy cap is applied for all shoes owned by the user, including shoes in inventory and being equipped, but not including shoes in selling or renting status. When a user owns no shoes or has no shoes in their inventory, the energy is 0.

Example 1:

Ron has 3 Standard Shoes. His total energy cap is: 5+4+3 = 12

Example 2:

Ron has 5 shoes: 4 standard + 1 Rare. His total energy cap technically is: 5+4+3+6 = 18.

Example 3:

Ron has 9 shoes: 3 standard + 3 Rare + 3 Iconic. His total energy cap technically is: 5+4+3+6+5+4+7+6+5 = 45.

Energy Consumption and Refill

Energy is consumed differently depending on the type of activities. The more intense the activity, the quicker the energy is consumed.

  • 1 energy (E) is equivalent to 3 minutes of walking (Amendment on August 19, 2022)

  • 1 energy (E) is equivalent to 2 minutes of running

  • 1 energy (E) is equivalent to 3 minutes of cycling

Every 6 hours, 25% of the energy cap will be refilled (fixed at AEDT Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00). At the time of energy refill, the user must own shoes.

Boost Energy Consumption Pace

Energy Consumption Pace can be boosted by equipping a Supreme Pet NFT. View details in NFT Pet System

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