Towards sustainability

In beFITTER, individual users have true ownership with all of their assets and they generate the majority of revenue. We only charge a small cost from in-app activities, such as NFT trading, shoes minting, leveling and renting.

Training with beFITTER is a process to improve your body condition, to make it “fitter", not a battle or a burnout loop of running and earning money rotating. This orientation has been clearly defined from the beginning, through the proportion of the target users that we seek for.

Not only focusing on the new generation gamers who are always on-trend and interested in investment and profits, we are also looking for other customer segments, including runners, trainers, dog-walkers, investors, health-savvy and others who know how to take care of themselves/ take initiative in taking care of their bodies and actively seek/seeking ways to build a scientific and balanced life.

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