beFITTER’s most important goal is to create a balanced ecosystem, not a boredom circle of running and earning continuously. This is the reason why we have built the concept inspired by a wheel of health, from walking, running, cycling, drawing a running track and finalizing the wheel with sleeping.

Starting your day with a short morning walk can offer a number of health benefits & tokens. Then, jogging or running with a friend in the afternoon is a great way to keep you motivated. Besides, regular cycling provides numerous health benefits as your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. Make all your moves valuable by drawing amazing moving tracks and selling them on the market. And finally, end your daily routine with a deep sleep.

Anybody is encouraged to exercise and rest properly to stay healthy. After a period of practicing and working, our body also needs to sleep on time and with enough time. By beFITTER, we pay you to go to bed scientifically.

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