Invite & Follow friends

One of the most desirable features developed in beFITTER is the ability to create a personal network which helps users share their progress and workouts as well as their feelings and motivations for being healthier.

beFITTER allows users to create personal accounts (for individual use) and professional accounts (for Entity or KOL/KOC/Brand Ambassadors use). A user can choose to make a network that can be made up of friends, family members, colleagues, runners or people with similar interests.

It is important to ensure that beFITTER users can add and follow each other on our networks. In the beginning there was only one professional account called beFITTER with an authentic orange tick. After that, we plan to connect and collaborate with brands and brand ambassadors to invite them to beFITTER. Users can follow these professional accounts to quickly update interesting information about the project.

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