Getting Started

To get started, users need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download The beFITTER Mobile App from Appstore (for IOS devices) or Google Playstore (for Android devices).

Step 2: After accessing the Mobile App, you need to register an account via your email and get a verification code. You can also set up a password for next logins.

Step 3: Create a character and set your nickname (or display name). After creating a character, your character needs to be equipped with NFT shoes in order to earn tokens and refill energy. Energy will restore at a rate of 25% every 6 hours (Fixed at AEDT Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00).

Step 4: Create a new in-app wallet. Click on the currency icon in the app to go to the wallet page and create a new one.The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase and ask you to rewrite them. Remember to write it down physically and keep it somewhere safe that only you can access. If you reveal this 12-word secret phrase, you have the risk of losing your wallet account and all assets in it.

Step 5: Transfer BNB tokens to your Spending Wallet to buy NFT Shoes by either 2 ways:

  • Go to Profile Tab and click the Wallet Section to import/ create a new wallet. Transfer BNB tokens to the wallet. After that, transfer BNB tokens to your Spending Wallet.

  • Go to beFITTER Website and click the Hub Tab, connect your wallet and transfer your BNB tokens to your in-app account. The BNB tokens will be transferred directly into your Spending Wallet in-app.

Step 6: Go to the Market Tab to select and buy NFT Shoes. After a successful purchase, the NFT shoes will be transferred into your inventory. If you own only one shoe, it will be equipped to your character automatically.

Step 7: Move2Earn is ready to start. Go to Homepage and start your activity (walk/run/cycle)

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