beFITTER Whitepaper

Charity & Social Contribution

We are committed to build a Web3 health-oriented application with positive contributions to the community.
We understand the importance of social responsibility in every business, and we are committed to contributing to a better society. Since we are building a sustainable application that helps raise awareness about health and equality between athletes and para-athletes, we are focusing on supporting funds that are dedicated to the disabled in general and to para-athletes specifically.
We would make an initial contribution of $10.000 to the chosen funds and then we would deduct part of our profit monthly to make a constant contribution towards the community. Specifically, every 5% of our profit monthly will go directly towards the chosen funds. As aforementioned, inspirational as they are, para-athletes are not treated equally compared to other athletes. Indeed, the Paralympic games have received less public attention and financial support than conventional Olympic games. Therefore, many national Paralympic committees do not have enough funds to award the Para-athletes as much as their fellow Olympic athletes. Before the Paralympic 2021 hosted in Japan, Bloomberg had collected the below figures to illustrate the inequality in some developed countries [1]:
Cash Prize for Olympic Gold Medal
Cash Prize for Paralympic Gold Medal
$ 45,600.00
$ 27,400.00
$ 15,900.00
$ 0
$ 14,500.00
$ 0
$ 76,200.00
$ 76,200.00
$ 37,500.00
$ 37,500.00
$ 0
$ 0
In fact, the $37.500 cash prize that is equally awarded to both Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the U.S. only happened in Tokyo 2020, emphasizing the severity of this situation. Thus, we would like to contribute our humble part to erasing the line and inequality of these two groups and supporting the inspirational para-athletes to have a strong enough foundation financially to pursue and complete their destiny.