Anti-cheating System

How to detect user cheating

  • Detecting fake GPS

  • Detecting unsafe devices: jailbreak, simulator, unpermitted developer mode, etc.

  • Controlling user movements by sensor

  • Based on GPS accuracy. The system identifies users who are in high-rise buildings or narrow spaces that are not convenient for physical activities and the system will not allow users to earn in these cases:

    • With Android devices, if GPS accuracy > 25 meters: users cannot earn

    • With iOS devices, if GPS accuracy > 60 meters: users cannot earn

  • Detecting abnormal speed in each activity based on each user’s physical condition

  • AI machine learning to detect repeated patterns coming from automatic cheating

With devices that have been detected as cheating, the device owners’ credibility will be reduced in our system. If a user's credibility is low, we will not support them to retrieve their losing assets and they will not be allowed to join any challenges of the application.

(Clarify on August 10, 2022) When the system detects suspicious activities, it will review within 30 minutes to up to 24 hours depending on the situation. When the review is completed, the system will reward the tokens to users who are not cheating.

Examples of cases in which the earning feature will not be allowed

ExamplesSystem Detect

Use GPS hacking software and pendulum device


Earning feature is not allowed

One person moving with multiple devices and multiple accounts at the same time


Earning feature is not allowed

Make animal carry devices to join activities


Earning feature is not allowed

Hire a runner


Earning feature is not allowed

Operating in an environment that is not suitable for physical activity such as running, walking and cycling


Earning feature is not allowed

How distance is calculated in activities

The distance displayed in-app and the distance that is converted into tokens earned might be different due to the GPS tracking accuracy and the detection of beFITTER anti-cheating system.

  • The distance shown in app: beFITTER will base on the accuracy of GPS and physical sensor to calculate distance which will be displayed in the application when user joins activities. The distance will be calculated when users move beyond the error area of GPS. Each time, the system will evaluate the accuracy of GPS and determine the corresponding error area.

    • Example: When a user is in an area with high GPS accuracy, the error area will be determined as about 30 meters. Users need to move for over 30 meters for the distance to be calculated. Because when a user is in the error area, GPS will detect that user as moving while he or she is standing still.

  • The distance calculated to determine tokens earned: The distance and the tokens displayed during a user's physical activity is only estimated. When that user ends the activity, the beFITTER anti-cheating system will double check to calculate the amount of tokens that are actually earned.

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