Other Systems

Fitter Pass system

Fitter Pass is a digital asset representing many benefits in the beFITTER ecosystem. Note that Fitter Pass is a non-tradable NFT that can only be used within the beFITTER app.
By burning a certain number of Fitter Pass, users will have the following perks:
  • Be whitelisted in exclusive events such as Pet NFT sale
  • Use exclusive features in a period of time such as creating challenge or leasing NFTs
  • Skip cooldown in Minting
  • Other special benefits in beFITTER
A user can get Fitter Pass via:
  • Staking. The more you stake, the more Fitter Pass you can get.
  • 1,030 Genesis box sale from beFITTER Hub
  • Free-to-entry events (social, referral)

Staking Pools (upcoming)

(Addition on July 27, 2022)
To help you be wealthy not only in health but also in benefit, we present you a chance to get many rewards from staking - an effective way to rocket/boost your profit. The first benefit you can see comes from yield events. Staking our token to get a high-yield result in return. Furthermore, in order to build a more valuable ecosystem, we also reward you a special item from staking - Fitter Pass. This is an important item that helps you get more benefits and gain advantages over others.
We always maintain our community-centric approach and we believe that campaigns like this are the most effective way to generate the most profit for you.

Waiting room (upcoming)