Health Token and Social Token

Two utility tokens incentivise users to use the app.

$HEE (Health token) rewards healthy activities. $FIU (Social token) rewards activities involving social interaction such as challenges and SocialFi; in the future, it will become a governance token when DAO is established.

The two tokens are also used in In-app activities.

Users need $HEE to repair NFTs, mint NFTs and level up NFTs at most levels. Users need $FIU to mint NFTs, level up NFTs at some levels and join challenges.

The utilities of $FIU and $HEE will evolve alongside app features.

$HEE Burning mechanism

A portion of the revenue in $HEE tokens are permanently destroyed via token burning. This immediately reduces the circulating supply of tokens. In detail:

90% Minting fee in $HEE (Amendment on July 29, 2022)

95% Leveling up fee in $HEE

95% Repairing fee

1% of NFT Renting Rewards

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