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Inventory is a place that contains all users' current NFT items and users can refer to all stock here at any stage. Users' inventory in beFITTER has three separated spaces, including: shoes, boxes and pets. An NFT shoe has 2 stages, from a box to a shoe. In the box stage, the NFT will not function fully as a shoe, so users cannot use this NFT to move to earn. Unboxing is required to have an NFT shoe for valuable moving.

Available functions of an NFT shoe:

  • Move to earn

  • Level up

  • Repair

  • Mint

  • Sell

  • For Rent

  • Transfer

Available functions of an NFT box:

  • Unbox

Pets are special NFT items that help to fetch bonus tokens if you workout in pet mode. Users can use FIU token to feed and dress up their pets and to make them more active.


A user can access the wallet page through the user profile section. More detailed information about decentralized wallet, please read the following part:

Activity history

To view and track your progress, tap the Activity history tab. All your training activities will be displayed and analyzed in the history section, where we prioritize showing your most recent activities. To see your full history, tap “Show more.” You can view your activity history for each time period and compare it with the corresponding previous period to see the changes.


A place to honor and recognize achievements you have achieved in practice as well as in Events and Tournaments.

Sale/Rent History

A place to record your items sale and rental transaction history.

Invite Friend

Invite your friends to join the beFITTER community, for a healthier world. At the same time, we will also give you valuable rewards when you successfully invite friends to join the beFITTER community.

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