Revenue Flow

The beFITTER features revenue streams where players can exchange tokens, which can be found as follows:

(1) NFT Items Sale

The reserved Genesis Shoe NFT and other limited collections would be sold in special events for users who stake $FIU or hold the first Genesis Shoe NFT.

(2) NFT Level-up, Repair and Mint

A 5% tax on in-app activities, including NFT leveling up, repairing and minting NFT to create a new one.

(3) Challenge

Users spend $FIU to join 1vs1 challenges or buy tickets to participate in a tournament, where they have a chance to receive a higher reward than in solo activities. The organizer, which is beFITTER in the early stage, would take 5% of the winning pool.

(4) Transaction Fee

A 2% fee on all NFT trades on the in-app NFT marketplace, 0.5% fee but not less than a fixed number when withdrawing a token from spending to wallet. Fee is paid by the token which is withdrawn (HEE,FIU,BNB). When withdrawing NFT, the fee is a fixed number of HEE. These fixed numbers ensure our system has enough gas fee to process the transaction.

(5) Rental Commission Fee

There are 2 forms in the rental system: fixed rent and profit sharing. We will charge a 5% fee from the shoe rental profit of the owner.

(6) Advertising & Brand Collaboration Fee

displaying ads within the app and collaborating with brands to launch new shoe collections. This fee is up to negotiation with partners.

*Note: The number is subject to change with notice based on the economic situation.

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